13 May 2021

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

The headline makes it sound like the end-of-the-world is coming. Gun Violence in NYC Nearly Doubles Number From Same Time Last Year: Police. But the Truth is a bit different.

In reality, it looks like crime is going down, though you might still have impacts from COVID.

So far this year, there have been 448 reported gun-related incidents across the five boroughs that impacted 501 victims, according to the NYPD's statistics. That's nearly doubled the number of incidents reported the same time last year, but that's also when the city was almost two months into COVID-19 shutdown. In 2019, when overall crime hit a record low across the five boroughs, there were a total of 766 reported shootings.

So into the total lockdown of NYC due to COVID, there were fewer people on the streets, very few commuters comming into the city, and less crime. I can't imagine why...

So crime is up from last year - the scary headline - but it is actually down about 41% from 2019. That would not make a scary headline. And also "professional journalists" are probably "bad at math."

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