02 May 2021

Black Judge on What to Do When Stopped By Police

Some legal advice from Chicago/Cook County, from a source that should know, Judge John F. Lyke Jr. Judge unloads on man who fled from cops: “You’re never gonna win on the street.”

“I understand your fear, trust me. I get it,” said Lyke, who is Black. “However the United States Supreme Court as well as the Illinois Supreme Court have said if a police officer asks you to get out of the car — irrespective of if you think it’s right or wrong — YOU GOTTA GET OUT.”

There is more, including what happened the last time Judge Lyke was stopped by Chicago police. Click thru.

1 comment:

  1. If black leaders were serious about not having black people get shot by the police, they should be giving out the advice that the judge did EVERY FUCKING DAY to their people.
    But we all know, destroying the legal system is part of the plan.


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