May 12, 2021

Another Cop Car Stolen

I didn't think cop cars got stolen regularly, but maybe I am misinformed. Update: Anderson crash involved stolen state police car, high-speed chase on I-69

Just the other day The Other McCain had a story about a guy who stole 2 cop cars. I thought that was pretty unusual. Now this.

As Trooper Joshua Thayer arrived, the suspect, later identified as Phillip Lane Hurley Jr. who was wanted on an outstanding warrant in Texas, ran and escaped in the officer’s patrol car.

I thought it was bad when over the winter dozens of cars (scores?) were stolen in Chicago because people left them running while they ran into a convenience store or a gas station or whatever. And most of those cars didn't have a bunch of weapons in the trunk.

Dachief has a breakdown of the stop that started the whole thing. Cop allows his car to be STOLEN- Dachief Breakdown. Somehow Dachief manages to be both annoying and entertaining at the same time, but he usually has a good perspective on the police videos.

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  1. You see this in a lot of videos. A single cop tries to cuff a suspect rather than waiting the extra 120 seconds for backup. And things often go south once you close. If you are going to do something, do it fast.


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