19 April 2021

Your Logic Puzzle for the Day

Or... Chicago politics at its finest. The Feral Irishman: Mornin'! See If You Can Follow This..... You May Need More Covfefe..

The mayor had a girlfriend. The girlfriend had a boyfriend. The boyfriend had an illegal gun. The boyfriend asks his girlfriend's girlfriend to 'fix' the charges. The girlfriend's girlfriend, being the mayor, does so. The girlfriend's girlfriend's 'wife' finds out about it and beats up the girlfriend's girlfriend. The daughter of the girlfriend's girlfriends and the girlfriend's girlfriend's 'wife' ends up running into the street saying 'My moms are fighting.' Civilization? Where did you go? - (Comment by Orange Man Bad at the IBT article)

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Two things.

  1. A Chicago politician will not resign over a scandal.
  2. Lori Lightfoot does NOT look like Beetlejuice.


  1. I think the most amazing point is that the ugly little idiot (SCC called her "Groot" for a reason) actually found TWO people on the planet that would sleep with her.


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