April 21, 2021

Prosecutors Hate Self-defense

These days they hate it even more when police are involved. Two Utah deputies justified in killing armed man, county attorney says

A man runs at police, not just with a gun in his hand, but clearly pointing that gun at police, and it still took the DA six months to rule that they shot in self-defense.

Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy Caleb Rivera and Morgan County Sheriff’s Sgt. Craig Tillet both shot at Cody Hadley on Oct. 23. The two had responded to a Huntsville home to investigate a report that a man with a gun had broken into a camping trailer and fired a round while inside.

While the article linked at the top is full of description, the video that includes the 911 call and the bodycam video is more to the point. You can find that video at this link. It does include the video of the guy getting shot, so use your discretion as to whether or not you want to see that.

There were no riots over this guy getting shot, because he got what he wanted. He could have surrendered. He could have dropped the gun at any time. He didn't. If you run around near police waving a gun, whether you point it at them or not, you are very likely to get shot. (Confused about how to deal with police, see what Chris Rock had to say on the subject.)

Self-defense is a human-right, even for the police.

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  1. But there would have been riots had he'd been black, but he wasn't was he? Blacks do not deal in facts nor reality. How many Trayvons, Gentle Giants, OJs and other black saints can this nation endure?


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