17 April 2021

I was told that NYC is a Progressive Utopia

Maybe I was misinformed. Two Instances of Anti-Asian Hate in NYC this week...

First up from Monday... NYC crime: Asian man body slammed by ranting man in broad daylight attack on the Upper East Side - ABC7 New York

Video shows the suspect following the victim very closely. When the victim walked into the street to get away, the suspect followed him and body slammed him into a glass storefront.

The victim tried to run away, but the suspect chased him until a good Samaritan tried to intervene. Later several strangers helped protect the victim as the attacker raged on.

The offender is probably close to 100 pounds heavier than the guy he is attacking - I am not good at those estimates. So sure it proves how tough he is to beat up on a little guy. What. A. Jerk.

And then from Wednesday... Suspect threatens woman with fist, anti-Asian slurs on East Side

Investigators say a 25-year-old woman was walking down 1st Avenue near East 57th Street on Tuesday.

That's when the suspect walked up to her, made anti-Asian comments and tried to hit her with a closed fist before running off.

Because sucker-punching a woman is a sure way for this idiot to prove how tough he is.

The Left has one song to sing: "Whites are the root of all evil." MSNBC blames anti-Asian crimes on white supremacy, but data shows there’s more to the story

As it turns out, Asians are more likely than blacks and Hispanics to suffer hate crimes committed by nonwhite offenders, according to a study released this year by Sam Houston State University professor Yan Zhang, Saint Francis University professor Lening Zhang, and Texas Department of Criminal Justice research specialist Francis Benton.

The study, which examines violent hate crimes recorded between 1992 and 2014, before even the recent spike in anti-Asian brutality perpetrated by people of color, reports “hate crimes against Asian Americans are more likely than hate crimes against either African Americans or Hispanics to be committed by non-White offenders.” More specifically, the study found Asians have a “relatively higher chance to be victimized by non-White offenders (25.5% vs. 1.0% for African Americans and 18.9% for Hispanics).”

There is video at both of the stories at ABC7 linked above.


  1. Asians are being blamed for covid
    Trump repeatedly blamed China
    Idiots believed him

    1. So that's why blacks and Antifa do this?

  2. As for you believing it is a progressive utopia they aren't fact selling one of their bridgesget back to me if interested


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