April 21, 2021


I haven't featured any Techno or Industrial in quite some time, because I get the feeling that people hate it. (Most of my friends do, if I try to make them listen to it...) But I love this video, even without the music.

I ran across Max Brhon in a "Dark Techno" playlist on YouTube. It might have been this song, or another, it doesn't matter, because in this case, even if you hate the music, the video is worth a couple of minutes. It isn't exactly an instrumental, but I can still read while listening to this stuff. And it transports me back to my clubbing days, which were decades ago. I am officially older than dirt. Dark Techno, while relatively new, is surprisingly similar to the music from my clubbing days.

This is "Humanity" by Max Brhon. I think you might be hearing more of his work in the near term, and not from me. He is working with the NoCopyrightSounds music label. Which is exactly what it means. So I expect a lot of videos to include music from that label.

EDM has both changed a lot, and not changed all that much. The beat is more flexible than it was. When I was hitting the clubs, the beat would start at about 7 PM, and run uninterrupted until last call. For the most part. The production values are better. But then clubbing was never about a High Fidelity experience; it was about dancing.

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