24 April 2021

He Didn't Listen to "Put Your Hands Up"

When two cops have guns pointed at your head, and they are telling you to put your hands up, a reasonable person might comply, even if you think they are in the wrong.

This guy wasn't reasonable. Omaha police release videos from Kenneth Jones shooting.

The Omaha Police Department on Friday released the main portions of the two officer body camera videos and cruiser camera video from the Nov. 19 fatal shooting of Kenneth Jones.

Even in the face of all of the video, an "advocate" trying to have the video released, didn't think he should have been shot.

Let's review:

  1. He was high on PCP
  2. He was not complying with the "show us your hands" commands
  3. He had a loaded .45 caliber weapon
  4. He was a felon in possession of a firearm
  5. He was trying to draw that weapon on police

At what point do you think he should have been shot? After one of the officers was wounded?

Robert Stacy McCain - The Other McCain - also had a few thoughts on this incident. Video: A Death in Omaha

If cops were prohibited from using their guns, there would be no real law enforcement, and criminals would be able to perpetrate felonies with impunity.

This is the future anarchy toward which anti-cop rhetoric is leading us. America will become a society in which criminals have no fear of police, in which no one will be safe from violent predators.

This video is "Bodycam Footage of Kenneth Jones Shooting by Omaha Police in Nebraska"

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  1. I have no problem at this point with the cops just letting the blacks go and do whatever they want. We can sit back and eat popcorn and watch the blue urban centers completely decay and collapse into tribal warfare. Meanwhile, out here in rural America when they decide to press these matters on my dirt road then they can learn what violent enforcement of the rule of law looks like without cops. Soon they will be begging for police protection.


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