April 27, 2021

An Adaptive Curmudgeon Musical Interlude

AC also has a link to great piece of commedy. Rush, Canadian Libertarian Birth Control

From the commedy...

No one has ever gotten pregnant while listening to the music of Rush. Clinical studies show that when combined with watching a male sexual partner play air bass along to the extended solo in “Freewill,” the contraceptive efficacy of Rush approaches 100%.

From AC

I’m linking to YYZ, an instrumental that spares the novice a headlong plunge of Lee’s singing. Note that it starts with the IATA airport identification code of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Yes, they heard morse code on a VHF aviation radio and said “fuck it… lets turn this into something that’s neither rock nor jazz”. Then Neil Pert set out to destroy his cymbals and the other two somehow managed to keep up.

Click thru for "YYZ" by Rush from the 1981 album Moving Pictures.

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