March 29, 2021

Seattle SJW Charged in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

The narrative is taking a beating. EXCLUSIVE: Seattle social-justice activist charged over anti-Asian hate attacks | The Post Millennial

Two separate incidents where he threw things at Asian women. In one case it was a woman and her children. In the other case there is video of the "encounter."

The videos and accusations against Hamner have been surprising for some given his reputation as a staunch BLM and racial-justice activist in the Seattle-area.

This Social Justice Warrior is charged with Felony Hate.

It is only surprising to people who do not realize that SJWs hate Asians, because their success in school and in life, undercuts all or most of the narrative of the Left.

And so it is increasingly the case that Asians are discriminated against in college admissions. Then there are the attacks like these two incidents.

Hat tip to The Other McCain - Trump-Hating BLM Activist Charged for Attacking Asian Women in Seattle.

Don’t expect to see this reported on CNN.


  1. I applaud the fact that this idiot is being held to account for his actions, but "Felony Hate"? I would think that throwing things at women would be covered by assault and/or battery statutes. I'm very leery of criminalizing "hate" per se. I once knew a guy who claimed he'd rather watch Notre Dame get beat than have sex. Is he flirting with a felony charge if he goes to Seattle?

    1. You could click the link in question and read what the article has to say.

      And I'm sure if you asked, you could find someone who would take pity on you and show you how to do an internet search for a definition of what the laws in Washington State in general and Seattle in particular are. They might even help you with the big words.

  2. I did read the article, and I still don't see why it couldn't have been addressed with conventional assault, battery, or harassment laws. I'm not a fan of "hate" laws; they introduce an extraneous, essentially unproveable element to a crime. But thanks for the condescension; now I know never to come back here. I don't go where I'm not welcome.

    1. You leave a comment that seems to call out for a smart-ass response. And you're offended when you get one.

      It isn't addressed with conventional assault - and I agree, it should be - but that is not the world that we have lived in since the 1980s.

      And I know exactly why we don't live in that world, because when gays were getting bashed in NYC and Chicago and LA the cops did NOTHING in the 1980s, or even joined in. There were other groups pushing the same thing, but I wasn't in the middle of those fights the way I was in the middle of the gay-rights movement.

      Because being fired from my job for who I loved was not something I was willing to sit down and accept as "just the way things were."

      So go ahead and take your offended self off. I didn't mean to scare you away. But since I came down with COVID-19, or rather since I recovered from the worst of the symptoms I've been pissed off by everything. I really am not sorry if a little shade - that wouldn't have parted anyone's hair back in the 1990s flame-war days has you running for your safe space. Enjoy your Victorian-woman's feinting couch.


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