March 15, 2021

Philadelphia and The Breakdown of Law and Order

Just shy of 100 homicides so far this year in the City of Brotherly Love. Killadelphia!

That black lives don’t matter is evidenced by the silence of the Inquirer when they are snuffed out. The #woke staffers who forced the resignation of Executive Editor Stan Wischnowski for his headline “Buildings Matter, Too” during the #BlackLivesMatter protests don’t seem to bother reporting on young black men being murdered because, well because young black males being murdered in Philadelphia simply isn’t news anymore. It would be a bigger story if a weekend day passed in the city without a killing.

There is more, with links to Philadelphia PD's own stats, and the Inquirer. Click thru.

I don't follow Philadelphia crime the way I follow Chicago, but most cities see a spike in murder, and other crime, in the summer. (Hat tip to Wombat-socho at the Other McCain)

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  1. Blacks slaughter blacks because they are the most available targets of opportunity. Thtas why Biden-Obama wants to make sure white suburbs benefit from diversity.


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