March 16, 2021

Granny Isn't Helping And May Be Responsible

She wasn't killed. And even if she was there would be no media outrage. Woman wielding axe critically wounded after confrontation with Metro officers | WKRN News 2

Police said efforts to have dialogue with Wooden were unsuccessful. Officer Williams reportedly deployed his taser which, which appeared to have no impact. Wooden then allegedly charged the officers with the axe and baseball bat. Officer Lopez then reportedly fired on her in defense of himself and the other two officers.

The Other McCain had a lot to say. ‘Nobody’s Going to Shoot You,’ He Said, Five Minutes Before She Got Shot.

A Taser gets deployed, and it has no effect. But still the cops are doing OK.

Everything is going splendidly up until about the 3:50 mark on the video, when Wooden’s grandmother comes rolling down the driveway on her electric scooter.

“I ain’t scared of her,” says grandma. “Melissa, put that stuff down!”

Everything begins going downhill from there.

The cop tries to keep granny out of the situation, but can't.

Nobody rioted in Nashville. CNN didn’t go 24/7 on the story. There were no #Justice4Melissa hashtags or “Crazy Lives Matter” marches.

Cops can shoot white people every day and nobody cares.

This is body camera video of the incident.

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  1. Don't know why this person decided to charge at someone while swinging an axe. Doesn't matter. If you do that you should expect to get shot. Sometimes you simply
    HAVE to shoot a person. Their choice.


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