March 25, 2021

EFF and the Lack of Transparency in Government

It is a sad state of affairs. The Foilies 2021: Recognizing the year's worst in government transparency.

This year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is publishing The Foilies in partnership with MuckRock News, a non-profit dedicated to building a community of cool kids that file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and local public records requests. For previous year's dubious winners (many of whom are repeat offenders) check out our archive at

A few examples.

  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot uses the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse.
  • The CDC is cooking the books on FOIA requests.
  • Niagra County, NY, passed a local law making some disclosures illegal. The law itself was illegal, but stayed on the books for decades, until they got sued.

There is so much more...

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