March 08, 2021

Delain Is No More

At least not as I have loved it. Four-Fifths of Delain Just Quit the Band | MetalSucks

In a post to social media this morning, Westerholt announced that four of the band’s five members have left, including longtime vocalist Charlotte Wessels (since 2005), bassist Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (since 2010) and guitarist Timo Somers (since 2011). Joey de Boer, who joined on drums in 2018, has also exited the group.

I think that Martijn Westerholt will discover that most fans think of Charlotte Wessels' voice when they think of Delain, and not his keyboard skills. I could be mistaken.

Personally I think the 4/5 of the band should form a new group, but I doubt that will happen.

Westerholt cited creative and working relationship differences as the cause for the mass exodus, saying, “some of us were no longer happy with the current roles in the band,” and adding that they all tried unsuccessfully to work things out over the past year.

After Nightwish "separated" from Tarja, they spent a couple of years where they couldn't get arrested. Not until they hired Floor Jansen to be the lead singer. I think Martijn W. has made similar miscalculation.

Today's Musical Interlude is from Delain, because why not...


  1. I've heard of Lead Singer Disease, but Lead Keyboardist Disease is a new one for me. And I rather liked Delain's "The Human Contradiction" album; "Lullaby" and "Sing to Me" - Wessels' duet with a gleefully demented Marco Hietala on loan from Nightwish - in particular. Too bad.

    --Wes S.

    1. I think in both the case of Nightwish, and in this case, it is "principle song writer" disease.

      That and the fact that the guys in question didn't want to be come Tarja and Nightwish or Charlotte Wessels and Delain.


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