24 March 2021

Cops Behaving Stupidly - California Edition

What you don't know about technology can cost you your job. Northern California police officers placed on leave after sending degrading, violent texts

Two police officers in the Northern California town of Eureka have been placed on paid administrative leave while a third-party investigator conducts its review of demeaning and violent messages sent in a private texting group.

Okay, "private texting group" is an oxymoron. But that is a topic for another post.

If you're interested in the details, click thru. Nothing is too surprising, except for the fact that they were stupid enough to attach their names to the insanity via text messages. My guess, regular SMS and MMS messages, which are the very definition of "not secure." I'm sure if they were using Telegram or WhatsApp or something even a little better, that would have been noted. Well, reasonably sure. Reporters know squat about technology, but they do know popular apps.


  1. Doing a quick read
    I suspect a member of the group shared the content.
    Officers might be jerks, but xhould not be fired.

    1. My point is, if you are signing your name this kind of bullshit in 2021, and especially if you work for the .gov, you should not be surprised when it all comes crashing down around your ears.

      Should be fired? Maybe not. Will be fired? I'm not sure that the unions can protect them from felony stupidity.

    2. Absolutely.
      Don't write/record anything you wouldn't want to be public

    3. There's an old saying... Two can keep a secret if one is dead.

  2. Don't worry! Everything will be okay soon once they can actually control what you think as well as what you say in private and no dissenting opinions which truly describe the reality will be allowed. After controlling what you say anywhere to anyone comes controlling what you think. Just look at the mindless woke antifa/blam clones to see what is their aim


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