12 March 2021

Armed Self-defense: Trinidad and Tobago Edition

They suffered a failure of the Victim-selection process. Villager shoots bandit dead after roti shop robbery | CNC3

A bandit was shot dead during an altercation with Barrackpore villagers yesterday, after he and three others robbed Carmen’s Roti Shop. [SNIP]

According to residents, two men walked into the roti shop at #2 Junction around 11 am yesterday. After one of the owners realised it was a hold-up, he fought with the bandits and another alerted residents, who chased two of the bandits down Sumanie Trace. However, an altercation took place, resulting in one of the bandits being shot, allegedly by an off-duty prison officer.

One woman is in custody. Cops are searching for at least one other.

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