March 01, 2021

8-10 Years for Murder, and He Kills Again

Because tough on crime is mean. Ex-Marine who killed wife is shot to death by Pa. police as he fatally beats transgender woman -

So first up, he served 8 years, or so, for murder.

Hernandez was released from prison in North Carolina in 2019 after he pled guilty to second-degree murder in Onslow County Superior Court. He was sentenced to 8-10 years and four months in prison for shooting and killing his 20-year-old wife Kandace Hernandez in their home in Richlands, N.C. on July 20, 2011.

Because keeping violent criminals in jail is mean.

In 2011 he was also wanted by the US Marine Corps for desertion.

Now he has killed again, on Friday the 19th of February, he beat a transgender woman to death.

When officers arrived, they found 33-year-old Juan Carter Hernandez beating 24-year-old Chyna Carrillo with a blunt object. When officers ordered Hernandez to stop, he ignored them and continued beating her, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

Cops killed him. She died in a local hospital.

So it would have been better for his latest victim if he was still in prison? The family of his first victim was disgusted with the sentence handed down.

Hat tip to The Other McCain.

Don’t expect to see the #Justice4Juan hashtag trending on social media, nor is it likely that the police shooting of Juan Hernandez will give rise to a #LatinoLivesMatter movement. No, I think everyone in America will agree, Juan Hernandez needed killing.

This also falls under the heading, "If you make something cheaper, you will see more of it."

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