16 February 2021

They Are Not Upstanding Members of the Community

Two stories of tough-guys. Just ask them, I'm sure they will tell you they are tough. One attacked a 4-year-old boy. The other attacked an 85-year-old woman. Like I said, tough guys.

Here is the story of the first tough guy. I doubt that he will do much time for this assault. Lakeview: Man kicked 4-year-old in the face at Belmont CTA station, prosecutors say | CWB Chicago

Two guys were fighting on a Chicago Transit Authority train platform when a train pulled into the station. A woman on the train, with a 4-year-old boy, saw them fighting.

She looked out the train doors to see what was going on, prosecutors said Saturday.

They said one of the men, Calvin Williams, walked onto her train car and kicked her young son in the face.

What kind of a monster kicks a 4-year-old in the face?

Williams has four felony convictions, including two for burglary and one for a 2015 hate crime, prosecutors said.

And our second choirboy... Swift justice: 10-time felon pleads guilty to violent robbery of 85-year-old near Mag Mile

Our tough guy in this case, Tony Davis, wanted the purse of an 85-year-old woman. He knocked her to the ground, because he was entitled to what was in that purse.

The woman suffered a head injury, but recovered and even took time to pose for pictures with the officers who arrested Davis. She barely rises to the officers’ shoulders in the photos — a far cry from Davis’ hulking 240-pound, 6’1” frame.

Because nothing says tough-guy like throwing a petite 85-year-old woman to the ground. And the photo of the victim and the cops is at that 2nd link.

Davis was paroled last February after serving half of a two-year sentence for narcotics. His previous prison sentences include:

  • 1 year for retail theft in 2016
  • 2 years for aggravated battery of a merchant in 2014
  • 1 year for retail theft in 2013
  • 2 years for theft in 2012
  • 6 years for burglary in 2008
  • 6 years for burglary in 2005
  • 6 years for burglary in 1999
  • 3 years for burglary in 1997
  • 6 years for armed robbery in 1993

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  1. To be arrested and convicted this many times, these gentlemen must be committing crimes virtually every day. Neighborhood crime could be significantly reduced just by keeping these two locked up for the full duration of their next sentence.


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