18 February 2021

Self-defense Is About Attitude

Never give up. It's an attitude that works. Nice! Bucktown carjacker scurries away after 61-year-old woman gouges his eyes | CWB Chicago

An armed man got more than he bargained for in Bucktown on Saturday when the 61-year-old woman he tried to carjack fought back by jamming her fingers into his eyes and scratching his face, police said.

He fled that attempt, but then he some buddies apparently carjacked someone else a short time later. They were using a Jeep with stolen plates as their primary vehicle.

And carjackings are out-of-control in Chicago, and elsewhere, but I'm writing about Chicago.

Carjackings rose about 135% last year to 1,415 and continue at a high pace this year, police statistics show. CPD recorded 218 carjackings in January 2021 — a staggering spike from the 77 reported during the same time last year.

And they are concerned about putting the 12 and 13 year olds into "the system," even though it seems that they are committing violent felonies. So I guess that means catch-and-release, and the law-abiding citizens are on their own.

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