February 16, 2021

I Blame Global Warming

Or is it Climate Change? Millions out of power in Texas as wind chills drop well below zero for the first time in decades | Disrn

A national utility tracker has estimated that nearly 2.7 million Texans are currently without power, a serious concern with most of Texas dealing with single-digit temperatures and below-zero wind chills.

Texas has not experienced a cold snap like this in decades according to the National Weather Service.

And liberals are shocked to discover that when it is cold, people need to use more power to stay warm. And with the wind turbines frozen, guess what that means.

While the Department of Energy has authorized Texas power plants to begin operating at maximum capacity, environmental watchdogs note that doing so will likely "result in a violation of limits of pollution."

They would be happy if you froze to death. (Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.)

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