January 30, 2021

The GameStop Insanity

The Other McCain brings us GameStop: The Best Story EVER!

The hedge-fund managers took a bath, and they are not happy that other people can also influence the markets. (It is what the Hedge-Fund folks do. NOT YOU!)

Billions. B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S — these hedge fund wizards were so sure that GameStop was overpriced that they shorted the stock to the tune of something like $13 billion. And they got screwed. Bad.

Prison gang rape is the only metaphor that comes to mind for how badly the hedge funds got screwed on their GameStop shorts. How bad was it? So bad that NASDAQ intervened, so bad that Discord shut down the WallStreetBets chat channel, so bad that the Securities and Exchange Commission is now investigating the Reddit crew.

Liberals are actually claiming that disrupting the hedge-funds' manipulation of the markets is "white supremacy." And as Robert Stacy McCain points out, any disruption to the status quo - by which the rich and powerful get and stay rich and powerful - must be stamped out.

If you go through the Twitter feed that The Other McCain has linked, you will see that Ted Cruz says that he Totally Agrees with AOC's statement on the kerfuffle. If that isn't a sign of End Times, I don't know what is.

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