January 12, 2021

RINOs Get the Reward Anyone Could Have Seen Coming

The attempts to appease Big Tech have fallen flat. Republican fundraising emails stopped after Salesforce said they ‘could lead to violence’

The San Francisco-based tech company Salesforce has confirmed that one of its subsidiaries has blocked the Republican National Committee from sending out fundraising emails, citing the January 6 events at the US Capitol.

Welcome to The People's Republic of America. You have no rights.


  1. That's somewhat okay as I was never going to give money to the RNC ever again. But anybody with half a brain would have expected this to happen. I guess squishes have to squish

  2. "What's that you say Lassie , The Democrats have stump broke the Rinos?

  3. I agree with old guy. The RNC is dead to me. Since 2016 starting with Ryan and continuing a little less enthusiastically under McCarthy, virtually the entire Republican Party has either openly opposed whatever Trump was trying to do, or gave it lip service to seem like they were behind him without actually doing anything positive.

    Time for a new political party. I bet you would have 75% at least of the 75 Million or so that voted for Trump to dump the GOP like a hot Cleveland Steamer and start throwing money at something that could be called the America First Party.


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