04 January 2021

Carjacking Is Out of Control in Chicago

The breakdown of law and order is accelerating. As carjackings soar, hijackers are becoming more violent and Uber, Lyft drivers are in their crosshairs | CWB Chicago

Chicago police recorded 279 carjackings between November 1 and December 15 [of 2020]. By comparison, there were 75 during the same period in 2019, according to city data. That’s a 272% increase.

Year-to-date [Dec 29th], reports are up 140% compared to 2019.

There are no consequences for crime. The State's Attorney for Cook County, and the judges have ensured that. They have reduced the cost of criminal actions - at least as seen by the criminals. And so they have more crime.

And the criminals are becoming more violent.

At least three people have been shot during carjackings across Chicago during December, according to media reports. Two of those victims died of gunshot wounds.

They shot and killed one guy because they didn't know how to drive his Jeep. It doesn't say, but I assume that's because it is a manual transmission.

And Uber and Lyft have turned into a way for criminals to order up a car to be stolen.

CWBChicago reported in November that a growing number of Lyft and Uber drivers suspected that carjackers were using stolen phones to lure ride-hail workers into armed hijackings. Since then, plenty of evidence has emerged to support the drivers’ suspicions.

Welcome to the world created by affordable bail, no jail, and a complete lack of consequences. "Hold on tight ..., it gets bumpy from here."

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