26 January 2021

Affordable Bail - Take Two

I get accused of picking on Chicago, but of course it isn't the only city with Affordable Bail. Similar results are seen in Philadelphia. Davis Josephus, accused gunman in Brewerytown murder, was released two weeks before

Milan Loncar was walking his dog in Philadelphia, when he was murdered. He didn't have his wallet, so the would-be armed-robbers didn't get any cash. It turns out there is an "affordable bail" aspect to the story. Because of course, keeping violent offenders in jail is unfair. In this case it was very unfair to Milan Loncar and his family.

During a news conference about the Jan. 13 slaying of Milan Loncar, authorities faced questions about the series of events that allowed Josephus Davis to go free on Dec. 29. That sequence involved judges dramatically lowering bail for Davis in two separate cases; prosecutors saying they are not sure if they had appealed those rulings; and no record of probation officials, prosecutors, or judges taking steps to try to keep him detained for potentially violating his probation on previous robbery convictions.

He was on probation for 2 robberies, and had been arrested for 2 other crimes. None of that was enough to keep him in jail, which would have been unfair. And then it was right before the New Year. You don't expect prosecutors to WORK over the holidays do you? (If you do, you should wise up.) They have important things to do, people to see, drinks to mix. Whatever.

Personally I think it was a foregone conclusion that this guy was going to kill someone. The judges and the prosecutors kept turning him loose. It didn't matter how many times the police arrested him, he posted 10 percent of an "affordable" amount and he was free to commit more crime. No consequences. No deterrent. No hope for the law abiding citizens of Philadelphia.

And this murder was not an isolated incident.

The case came as gun crimes in the city continued at a troubling rate, with authorities reporting 27 homicides in the first 18 days of 2021.

I had studiously ignored this story. I am not sure why. But I keep tripping over it. The last time was due to an editorial by Nancy Grace of Fox News. (No, I don't watch it.)

Dead bodies have to pile up before people revolt at the courthouse.

It seems even a broken clock is right once in a while.

See my previous post, which is also on affordable bail.


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    Part 3 can be found at this link.

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