05 December 2020

What California Needs Is Commonsense Pillow Control

Or maybe it is the acohol and the pot they should control. Prominent Democratic strategist and Newsom adviser facing domestic violence charges

Prominent California Democratic strategist Nathan Ballard — a longtime friend and adviser to Gov. Gavin Newsom — was arrested and jailed on two felony domestic violence charges in Napa that include an allegation of attempting to suffocate a four-year-old child with a pillow

He is innocent, of course. Or that is how he is planning to plead.

Earlier Thursday, [Anthony Brass, Ballard's lawyer] said that Ballard's former wife "would testify under oath that he has never been violent toward her, their minor son, nor their minor daughter." But he told POLITICO hours later that he had to retract that statement.

But it isn't his fault really. He has a "substance abuse problem." So that spin has begun.

This article is by way of HotAir, and The War on Guns, in which David Codrea notes...

Did I ever tell you about the time a Newsom administration had armed men sent to my house?

Fortunately, none of them had pillows.

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