December 28, 2020

King For A Day

Today's song is via a recommendation that came in the comments a while back. Nick recommended a band and a song. Today's song is it.

The band, Battle Beast, has a song that reminds me a bit of 1970s Hard Rock, and yet manages to be a little more complex than the music that was usually on a Top-40s station at the same time. I think you might like it. I do.

This song is "King For A Day" by Battle Beast from the 2017 album Bringer of Pain.


  1. Glad you liked it! I have to listen to it about once a day lately. I love the 'he killed the truth and looked away' line. I laugh and find that "Black Ninja" is pretty singable, and the ideas in "Familiar Hell" grab me. And they've just kept going, "Eden" and "No more Hollywood Endings" are both from last year.

    Youtube kicked up another that is very odd- but grabbed me. Beast in Black is the band, and the song is Blind and Frozen. If the lead singer was two people in a duet, it would just be a great song with a catchy refrain. As it is, he's BOTH sides of the sorta duet...

    I really love that because of youtube and the recommendation engine, I'm listening to music again. I've found lots of stuff I like, (The HU and Wolf Totem (mongolian metal is a thing?), Patty Gurdy and Over the Hills and Far Away (hurdy gurdy music, who knew?), even a whole genre I never would have known- pirate metal- Northwest Passage by Unleash the Archers, followed by anything from Alestorm should start some in your suggestions... ) There is so much great music out there and I MISSED IT because commercial radio in the US sucks so hard.

    So many different genres and sounds too. Lindsey Sterling, Post Modern Jukebox, Leo Moracchioli (who's cover of Sultans of Swing, I like better than the original) and stuff like electroswing remixes.... I hate the political side of youtube, but the pure joy of music is there too.


    1. I actually featured "Blind and Frozen" last year on the WP version of the blog.

      I don't remember how I ran across Beast in Black, but it was one of the streaming services. Either YT or Spotify. They have both led me to new-to-me music.

      Commercial radio sucks, and most of these bands are out of Europe, because the whole American Music Industry sucks. (Even Kamelot out of Tampa had to go to Europe to find a record label.) Their tiny minds can't deal with anything that they didn't see 15 minutes ago.


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