09 December 2020

Keeping Violent, Dangerous People in Jail Is Unfair

Or something. 70th Harris County Resident Murdered by Suspect Out on Bond, Says Victim's Advocate | The Texan

He was in jail awaiting trial for killing his friend by stabbing him repeatedly in the back. With friends like that...

Records indicate O’Neal had confessed to several people including his mother that he had stabbed Roberts to death. Family members told police and media that they knew O’Neal worshipped the devil, and his mother stated that he had killed two family pets.

How do you spell psychopath?

He was deemed incompetent to stand trial, hosptialized, deemed competent and returned to jail. As the case has been dragging on, a judge reduced his bail in June and he was released in August.

On December 5, O’Neal was arrested and charged in the shooting death of Derrick Mike, reportedly his cousin’s boyfriend.

He again confessed to his mother.

Click thru for more instances, and the DA saying "we asked the judge not to." Apparently it would be bad form to name the judge in question, because reasons. (Could it be that he's a Democrat and the paper likes Democrats?)

The mother of the first victim is upset with the system, and she is completely justified in her anger.

Christina Roberts, the mother of the teen allegedly murdered by O’Neal in 2016, stated on social media that she told the district attorney that the suspect should not be released because “he will murder again.”

“Now look what happened, another family is grieving cuz [sic] this animal was out on the streets and I’m mad as hell cuz I’m still today waiting on a trial date to get justice for my son,” Roberts wrote.

Hat tip to The Other McCain: Judge Releases Satan-Worshipping Murder Suspect, With Predictable Result. And he has the judge's name.

Have I mentioned lately that Crazy People Are Dangerous?

UPDATE: People have asked the judge’s name. It’s Mark Kent Ellis.

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