31 December 2020

Hollywood and Violent Crime

They want crimes against Hollywood punished, just not the regular kind. Hollywood Fights to Free Muggers and Killers - and Lock Up Video Streamers

When George Gascon ran for DA of Los Angeles County on a platform of protecting criminals from cops, Hollywood money put him over the top. Once Gascon got into office, he began dismantling protection for victims of violent crimes. Even for the littlest victims.

The beneficiaries of his pro-crime policies funded by Hollywood included a monster who beat a 6-month-old baby girl so badly that her skull shattered leaving her with brain damage.

The little girl is now blind and can only eat through a feeding tube.

There is more in the way of violent crime that gets ignored.

But don't you dare infringe on Hollywood Copyrights!

Click thru for the depressing insanity.

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