25 December 2020

Chicago's Finest

Or maybe not. Chicago Police Sergeant Relieved Of Powers After She Was Arrested On Charges Of Drunkenly Hitting Gaming Officer At Horseshoe Hammond Casino

Lori Cooper was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct in the Oct. 30 incident.

A police report obtained by CBS 2 said around 4 a.m. Oct. 30, the casino contacted Hammond police saying two women were in the restroom intoxicated and one of them, Cooper, had battered a casino worker. The casino worker told a Hammond police officer she did not want to seek charges, the police report said.

She didn't want to wear a mask and kept taking it off, and while being escorted from the property struck an Indiana Gaming Commision Officer. This was captured on the body cam of a responding police officer.

The proffer added that the Hammond officer’s body camera video footage showed that Cooper appeared to be intoxicated and her attitude was “angry, insulting, and uncooperative.”

She's a cop; she doesn't need to cooperate. The rules don't apply to cops. (Just ask her.)

Hat tip to Second City Cop: Which Scandal is This? He asks...

Did you know that a certain Sergeant who is the Commanding Officer of the following: Civil Rights / Hate Crimes Unit, Special Activities Section, School Visitation Unit and is the face of the CPD at funerals (CO of Honor Guard Unit) was arrested at Hammond Indiana Horseshoe Casino?

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