December 17, 2020

Another Reason to Keep Ads Out of Your Browsers

Malvertising is still a thing. Microsoft: New malware can infect over 30K Windows PCs a day

"If not detected and blocked, Adrozek adds browser extensions, modifies a specific DLL per target browser, and changes browser settings to insert additional, unauthorized ads into web pages, often on top of legitimate ads from search engines."

Best to be safe and not see any ads.

The details are not important, and if you are interested click thru. But the fact that ads are still a means of spreading malware means I won't be abandoning my ad-blockers.

While Microsoft hasn't yet found evidence of Adrozek being used to push malware onto its victims' computers through the injected ads, this can happen at any time.

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and Mozilla Firefox can all be impacted according to the article. They don't actually say that it is a complete list, but I guess it is implied. I would suspect other Chromium-based browsers like Opera, and other Gecko-based browsers like IceCat, and I would probably even suspect Goanna-based browsers like Pale Moon.

And I have been excluding ads from my world for so long, that now when I see an ad on broadcast television, or encounter an ad on a website that is not served by an ad-server, I find it more than a little annoying.

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