November 18, 2020

Why "Shoot 'em in the Leg" is a Bad Idea

It doesn't always do what you think it will. California Officers Respond To Dude With A Hammer - YouTube


  1. Was the cop a bad shot or aiming for the leg?

    1. It is hard to say. She was not using the sights of the weapon (about 5 minutes and 30 some seconds in...), so we don't know what she intended to do.

      If she meant to shoot him in the leg, that was a good shot, and a questionable decision. If she meant to shoot center-mass it wasn't a good shot.

      One of the principle effects of adrenaline is to cut pain. (Pain is not important while the tiger is chewing on your leg. If you survive, then the pain will make you take care of the injury.) There was a case a few decades ago, where the FBI shot a suspect 15 or 20 times. He ran 2 blocks to a friend's house before collapsing. Interviewed later, he said that at the time, the gunshots felt like bee-stings.

      Now if you shot someone in the leg with a shotgun at close range, you may do enough damage to take them out of the equation.