November 29, 2020

The Liars Running The States

This is mostly about California and Governor Newsom violating his own orders. Tucker: California gov breaking own COVID-19 rules sums up 2020 | Fox News. But not completely. (Other states are mentioned at the end.)

Here you have plutocrats dining with lobbyists, ignoring the very orders they are so self-righteously imposing on others gorging themselves in seclusion, as the people they're supposed to be helping wither and die.

And then when they're caught, they lie about it. How perfect is that? It's all there. Every element: hypocrisy, greed, selfishness, stupidity. This is our national moment in a single picture. Move over Dorothea Lange.

The video is 12 minutes, but it is really worth your time.

For example it covers the paddle-boarder who was arrested for paddle boarding ALONE.

So what is this exactly? It's hypocrisy, of course. That was not big enough. This is not conventional hypocrisy. This is -- let's stop lying -- an act of hostility against the population of the country. They despise you. They're flaunting it.

Go watch it.

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