November 14, 2020

The Left and Self-defense

The Left and the Media - but I repeat myself - don't like self-defense. Self-defense homicides are complex and can leave lingering questions. Here's how one Milwaukee family is trying to find answers. Oh, and families of dead people don't like self-defense.

So they want to paint self-defense in a bad light, and to do that they choose a couple of shootings where it isn't clear who actually fired the shot.

But they also choose a story I wrote about recently.

When a former partner armed with a pistol tried to break into a woman’s house this year, someone fired a shotgun from inside and killed him — but it’s unclear who. Two people admitted to handling the shotgun, [Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent] Lovern said.

When someone's ex tries to break into their home, while being "armed with a pistol," I usually take that to mean they have bad intent. But that is a conclusion that this media outlet doesn't want you to leap to.

And it is clear that they don't like the fact that more people in Wisconsin are not just cowering in the face of violent crime.

In the past six years in Milwaukee, at least 51 killings — nearly 7% of all deaths investigated as homicides — have been found not to be criminal homicide, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis.

It is clear from the tone, and the number of justifiable homicides in 2020, that the media REALLY want you to draw the conclusion that concealed carry is bad. That instead of being prepared to defend yourself, you should call 911 and hope for the best. (Next they will say you should not have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, but just call 911. Or a first aid kit. Or learn CPR. etc.)

Why is the media always focused on death? How many times did a concealed carry license holder defend themselves, and no one died? That statistic is probably harder to come by, the statistics they quote can probably be found with simple web search or 2. (I don't follow Milwaukee so much, but HeyJackass! has these figures available for Chicago with a few clicks of a mouse.)

Oh, and with all the calls to "defund" the police, do they think that concealed carry is likely to increase, or decrease?

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