November 12, 2020

Polk County, Florida, Is NOT a Place for Criminals

This guy didn't get that memo. Sheriff: Failed carjacker doused with gas, held at gunpoint. That would be Sheriff Grady Judd.

So this guy gets in a car crash on Interstate 4. So he tries to carjack a few vehicles.

“He runs up to the Marathon gas station on (State Road) 557, which is just south of the interstate, and he tried to steal this lady’s vehicle, her gray Chevy Colorado pickup truck. Well, she didn’t think much of that. In fact, she was in the process of gassing her vehicle when he tried to get in so she appropriately took the gas nozzle and sprayed him with gasoline,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said

After trying and failing to carjack a vehicle, he caused another crash on I-4 when he jumped onto the highway. Tried, and failed, to carjack two people who stopped to help with the crash, and was finally put in the back of a squad car.

“He is not pleased. Christopher Hendrix tries to escape. He kicks the back windows out of the patrol car in an effort to escape. Not only was he going to escape, he was going to steal our handcuffs, too. We didn’t appreciate that very much,” Judd said.

And if you're wondering why peopl love Grady Judd so much...

“But you know what is really cool about Polk County? We fight back. We fight back against criminals. We carry concealed firearms and heck, the lady that didn’t have a concealed firearm used a gas hose, which worked just remarkably well,” Judd said.

Hat tip to The Other McCain - 68 Shots: ‘That’s All the Bullets We Had, or We Would Have Shot Him More’

Do not commit crime in Polk County, where Grady Judd has been the sheriff for the past 15 years. Judd is a career law-enforcement officer who went to work for the sheriff’s department as a teenager. By the time he was 27, he had attained the rank of captain, and was supervising 44 employees, all of whom were older than him. Judd is a sort of Florida celebrity, known for his “tell-it-like-it-is” press conferences. The Polk County Sheriff’s Department has solved 100% of its homicide cases since 2012, and anyone who thinks they’re going to get away with a crime there had better think again.

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