November 11, 2020

82nd All the Way

Since it is November 11th, I am going to violate a rule of the blog (they're more like guidelines, really) and have a Heavy Metal song on a Wednesday morning. Because it is Veterans Day, marking the end of WWI and it is a song about Alvin York, and what a guy from Tennessee did in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Sabaton is another Swedish Heavy Metal band. (They sing in English, don't worry.) Their songs are usually (always?) about historical events. When I first ran across them I didn't like what I heard, but I've come to like some of their work.

I ran across this song, or rather the cover by Amaranthe, when I was putting together the post on Alvin York for October 8th. But I really like this song in its original form. I hope you enjoy it as well. And if you know anyone who is in, or a veteran of 82nd Airborne, they might enjoy it too.

It's 82nd all the way
Death from above, what they now say

Lyrics are in the video, but here's a link, since I had it available. They may be singing in English, but it is Heavy Metal.

This is "82nd All the Way" by Sabaton from their 2019 album The Great War.

Here's a link to the Amaranthe version of the song. I think I actually like this version a little better.

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