17 October 2020

Victim versus Criminal

The media in Oklahoma seems to get it right. NORMAN SHOOTING: Two people injured in shooting in Norman, police say

The media often confuse who is a victim in a self-defense shooting.

According to Norman police, the initial investigation indicates that the victim, 23-year-old Dalton Deleon, was inside his home when he heard someone rummaging through his vehicle parked in his driveway. He left the home to stop the suspect, later identified as a 17-year-old male, police said.

The teen, also armed with a handgun, tried to run away from the scene. Police said Deleon continued to chase him eastbound on Boyd Street to the intersection of Merrywood Lane, where the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot at Deleon.

Both were wounded. The victim was treated and released. The criminal was treated and booked into the county jail on burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

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