October 27, 2020

The Violence of the Left

Because they can't win arguments... Riots and looting break out in Philadelphia—30 officers injured, 12 hospitalized

So cops shot and killed a guy who was attacking them with a knife. Riots ensue.

A 56-year old sergeant who was struck by a pickup truck driven by protestors who plowed into law enforcement was left with a broken leg. He was hospitalized and is reportedly in stable condition, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. As police rushed to protect the wounded officer, protests in the crowd continued to pelt the group of responders with rocks and various other projectiles.

And the Cops were pushed back by the rioters.

For more of the same see PHILADELPHIA RIOT from The Other McCain.

A free advertisement for the Trump campaign broke out in Philadelphia last night. The Mostly Peaceful™ Protest included arson, looting and police seriously injured when they were run down in the streets by a rampaging motorist.

This needs to stop. Order needs to be reinstated.


  1. Why? Blacks expressing their natural instincts and demonstrating their culture. Shouldn't we tolerate such cultural differences?

  2. I'm an old fart, I've watched the riots over the decades from the 1960's to the present. I have yet to grasp why you destroy your own neighborhoods during a riot?


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