06 December 2021

911 Response Time in Columbus Is Deteriorating

I'm not sure if there was a "defund the police" effort in Columbus, but I would not be surprised. Opinion: Is 911 becoming a joke in Columbus? Slower police response time alarming

Overall the response time has risen from 23 minutes and 36 seconds in 2019 to 26 minutes and 28 seconds as of September 30th of this year. But that includes all kinds of calls.

Even more concerning than the average for all calls, Bruner found that the citywide average response times for priority-one calls — life-threatening situations like shootings — was 8 minutes and 15 seconds through Sept. 30.

That's more than 2 minutes slower than in 2019 when the citywide average for priority-one calls was 6 minutes and 3 seconds.

A lot of bad things can happen in 8 minutes. And that is the average. Some people will wait longer than that.

There are problems with the data, but I doubt any systematic changes were introduced in the past 2 years, since they haven't made any changes to the system. Click thru for those details.

And 2021 is the most dangerous year on record in Columbus. They recently surpassed the previous all time record count for homicides with about 1 month left in the year.

Calling 911 is a wonderful thing to do. If you can call before bad things happen, they can send all kinds of help your way. But it won't arrive immediately. You might want to plan what you will do in the meantime, or if the bad guy catches you away from your phone.

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